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What I Can Do For You

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Strategic Planning

Whether it’s expanding your client base, moving into a new market, or defining funding goals, your organization needs to plan for tomorrow without compromising performance today. I can partner with your team to analyze the business environment, assess opportunities and threats, and develop goals, strategies, and actions to get you where you need to go.

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Project Management

Is your small business or nonprofit taking on a complex or unfamiliar endeavor with multiple stakeholders and many moving parts? Allow me to facilitate this project with tried and true organizational, documentation, and communications strategies to ensure alignment and timely delivery of goods and services.

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Marketing Assessments

If your marketing strategies or content are in need of a reset, I can bring a fresh perspective to your market and customer needs. I’ll assess your public relations, advertising and sales initiatives, and social media presence to pinpoint areas for improvement and further engagement.

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Grant Writing and Management

Exploring opportunities from public or private grants? I can assist you in determining what opportunities are the best fit for your business or organization, help write the grant application, and aid in managing the grant process after receipt of the award.

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